Prath Kharkar

Business Driven Engineer and Innovator

Specializing in materials engineering for developing novel polymeric products


Here are few things that I love to work on every day

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I'm a materials scientist with research experience in chemical manufacturing, coatings, pharmaceuticals, and medical device industry

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Project Manager

I lead various multi-disciplinary projects focused on innovative solutions for unmet user needs, from concept to commercialization stage

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Technical Marketing

I develop and maintain professional relationships with customers through appropriate scientific exchange of information


A broad array of valuable hands on experience over the last decade at these organizations, enabled me to develop a diverse skillset, ranging from R&D to technical marketing and customer satisfaction.

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My Journey

My journey in materials engineering started with a simple drive to discover and learn how technology works. Over time I have built a strong knowledge base in polymer science and chemical engineering which I have used to develop, identify and evaluate material properties and formulations for various industries including polymer manufacturing, coating (paints and inks), pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

My current work in the wound care sector focusing on negative pressure wound therapy, advanced wound dressing and biological wound dressing has brought me into contact with the world of clinical medicine. I can see the real impact that technology can make in the healthcare sector. I also discovered that I am very passionate about scientific communication and expanded my role to provide support and education for healthcare professionals, administrators, payers and diverse internal partners.

When I am tired of running experiments (which is not very often), I am either on a road trip or running or cooking a decadent brunch. I enjoy playing pool just as much as I hate jigsaw puzzles. I have been nerdy enough to produce and host a science talk show in the past but now have grown to be an avid podcast listener, which is a daily source of entertainment and inspiration.

What inspires me the most though is the opportunity to create, modify and distribute innovative technology to make a real indelible change in the world. Though I have come to cherish my role as an innovator and problem solver, now I see myself, as an explorer of new challenges that are created, when the technical and commercial worlds collide.  Having the background of a scientist combined with an instinct to make successful collaborations enables me to balance the two worlds of business and technology to give the best outcome.



OK, let's create something great!

If you like my work and have some interesting ideas on which we can collaborate, send me an email at